Introducing Snazzy Seals

• Background •

Snazzy Seals are fun, cute, digital collectibles (aka NFTs) stored on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-721 standard.

Each Snazzy Seal is randomly and uniquely generated with a wide range of backgrounds, features, outfits, and accessories of different rarities.

The barcode located on the bottom identifies each seal and decodes its Rarity Score on the SuiJi Labs website.


While there are millions of possible combinations, each edition will be extremely limited, with the series number embedded.

Series 1 will only have 500 Snazzy Seals minted.

Once minted, you can view your new Snazzy Seal on OpenSea.

Look for rare Precious Crypto Gems (PCG) Green (2%) and Red (0.9%) variants and extremely rare Stealth (0.1%) variants.*

Stay tuned for limited-edition drops, featuring custom 1 of 1 items, outfits, and accessories.

*Percentages are based on probability of generation and may not reflect what is actually generated in each edition.

Save A Seal

A portion of each sale goes to the Marine Mammal Center.

Once purchased, SuiJi Labs will post an official certificate from MMC featuring a rescued seal.

With the increasing frequency of oil spills and other ecological disasters, let’s do our part to turn the tide!

• Mint Your Snazzy Seal Crypto Mogul Seal

A Web 3.0 wallet extension that supports Ethereum such as Metamask is required to mint NFTs.

If you're new to Metamask, you can learn more here.

Each Snazzy Seal costs 0.05 ETH to mint.

Destination wallet address -

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